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Smartcrypt TDE

Smartcrypt Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

It’s time to rethink data breaches. While network and device centric security efforts are important, they leave security gaps which often go undetected and remain exploitable. Regulators, auditors, partners and customers are increasingly demanding that enterprises encrypt their data.

Once encrypted, mishandled data is meaningless. Financial and reputational damage to an organization is avoided and compliance auditors know that sensitive information is being protected.

Smartcrypt Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) protects sensitive information at rest on enterprise servers and ensures compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements and customer privacy mandates. It eliminates the negative effects of theft or accidental sharing of customer information, employee records and intellectual property.

Compliance mandates addressed by Smartcrypt TDE include:

  • PCI DSS -- PCI DSS 3.0 compliance provisions 3, 7, and 8 require privacy safeguards for all cardholder information.
  • HIPAA/HITECH -- Requires protection for unstructured medical imagery and structured database information .
  • GDPR -- Requires that by 2018, companies conducting business in the European Union better secure how they collect, store and use personal information.

Smartcrypt TDE is cost-effective and easy to manage, securing file and application data without application changes, additional infrastructure or professional services. No endpoint software is required and user experience is unaffected.

Smartcrypt TDE is installed on application, file and database servers containing sensitive information. Data is encrypted at the block level by a file system driver, between the operating system and the file system. Agents perform automatic encrypt/decrypt operations as data is read/written across the network.

Encryption of data at rest on enterprise servers with Smartcrypt TDE lays a strong foundation for a complete defense-in-depth data protection strategy.


Learn more about the Smartcrypt data protection platform.

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Learn about how Smartcrypt TDE protects data at rest on enterprise servers.

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How Smartcrypt TDE will help enterprises comply with GDPR.

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Case Study

See how an insurance company solved its data protection challenges with Smartcrypt TDE.

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Smartcrypt TDE has several features to help companies encrypt data at rest on enterprise servers.
  • Protect sensitive application data or files
  • No changes to applications
  • Encryption key management
  • SIEM and Syslog integration
  • No end-user involvement
  • No outside contractors
Looking for more information?

Product Resources

  • Application Layer Encryption Overview

    Encrypt at the application layer for end-to-end protection.

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  • Enhanced DLP Solution Sheet

    Enable sensitive information discovery and encrypted remediation.

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  • Financial Case Study

    Enable sensitive information discovery and encrypted remediation.

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  • Healthcare Case Study

    An EHR vendor embeds strong encryption into their software.

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  • Key Management Whitepaper

    Bridging the gaps between traditional Passphrases and PKI with Smartkeys.

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Smartcrypt TDE Walkthrough

See how Smartcrypt TDE protects sensitive data at rest in files, applications, and databases, ensuring compliance with industry- and government-mandated security requirements.

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