PKWARE solutions help organizations eliminate security gaps, manage sensitive data, and meet their data compliance goals. Our innovative technology and unmatched capabilities allow customers to enforce their data security policies while avoiding user disruption and broken workflows.

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Automated technology

Our Technology

PKWARE’s data-centric approach and automated technology make it possible to maintain control over sensitive data even in the most complex use cases. Our platform provides an array of integrated capabilities, designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. With PKWARE, organizations can build tailored solutions to meet their unique data security and compliance goals.

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Automated technology

Our History

With more than 30 years in data security, PKWARE is one of the most trusted names in the industry. We invented the ZIP file, the world’s most widely-used archive format, and have continued to innovate through the years, developing new technologies and new strategies for a constantly-changing world.

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Data-centric technology

Data-Centric Security

Most security technology focuses on where data is. Data-centric security means focusing on what needs to be protected—files containing sensitive information—and applying the appropriate form of protection, no matter where the data happens to be.

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Data Compliance

PKWARE knows that compliance is a multi-faceted effort, requiring involvement from multiple departments, vendors, and partners. Our solutions are designed to fit into—and enhance—your organization’s overall compliance strategy.

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Automated technology

Customer Success

At PKWARE, we measure our customer relationships in decades, and we take pride in helping organizations evolve to meet new challenges and achieve new goals. We’ve helped financial institutions, retailers, technology companies, and government agencies manage risks and protect the world’s most valuable data.

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