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The Data-Centric Security Workflow

Data-Centric Security Workflow

Data-centric security—security that protects data itself, rather than focusing on perimeter or device protection—is the best way to manage the risks associated with large volumes of sensitive data and increasingly complex IT environments.

Smartcrypt’s data-centric security workflow provides the capabilities your organization needs to take control of your sensitive data and meet your information security goals.

Defining Policy

Data protection begins with policies that define which types of information require protection, how the data should be protected, and which groups or individuals should be able to access it.

The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager allows organizations to define their data protection policies and apply them across the entire organization. With preconfigured policies and tools that allow administrators to copy and modify existing policies, Smartcrypt makes it easy to tailor your solution to meet your unique security needs.

Data Discovery

Smartcrypt’s intelligent data discovery feature automatically scans not only file servers, but desktops and laptops as well, providing full visibility into your organization’s unstructured data. Files matching your unique definition of sensitive data can be tagged and protected according to policy, without the need for user intervention.

Data Classification

Smartcrypt can add classification tags to indicate which files contain sensitive data and howthose files should be used. Classification can be handled automatically whenever Smartcrypt detects the presence of sensitive data. End users can also add tags manually to indicate that files require protection.

Protection and Remediation

Smartcrypt is the only data protection platform that can discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in a single automated workflow. Your organization’s policies determine what action Smartcrypt will take with files containing sensitive information:

  • Encryption: apply persistent strong encryption that remains with data even when it's shared or copied outside your organization’s network.
  • Quarantine: move sensitive files to a specified location
  • Masking: replace sensitive text with unreadable characters
  • Deletion: permanently delete files containing sensitive data

Audit and Reporting

Smartcrypt’s Data Security Intelligence feature provides insight into data protection activity across the organization, making it easy to demonstrate compliance with internal policies, customer requirements, and government mandates.

Automating Your Data Defense

PKWARE Chief Innovation Officer Matt Little explains the key principles of automated data security at the Evanta Global CISO Summit.

Smartcrypt Platform

Learn more about PKWARE's smart encryption platform.

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PKWARE’s Smartcrypt eliminates security gaps by finding, classifying, and protecting sensitive data across the entire enterprise.
  • Enterprise-wide policy management
  • Integrated discovery, classification, and protection
  • Multiple protection and remediation options
  • Eliminates security gaps
  • Easy implementation

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