A better approach to compliance and security

Data-centric security—security that protects data itself, rather than focusing on perimeter or device protection—is the best way to manage the risks associated with large volumes of sensitive data and increasingly complex IT environments.

PKWARE’s data-centric security solutions provide the capabilities your organization needs to take control of sensitive data and meet your data compliance and security goals.

What is data-centric security?

Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse.

Most security technology focuses on where data is—protecting, for example, all the data stored on a specific laptop or server, or all the data that crosses a specific network. The problem with this approach is that as soon as data moves somewhere else, another solution is required, or the data is left unprotected.

Data-centric security, on the other hand, focuses on what needs to be protected—the files containing sensitive information—and applying the appropriate form of protection no matter where the data happens to be.

Key principles of data-centric security

Effective data-centric security solutions are controlled from a centralized management system, provide coverage without security gaps, rely on automation rather than manual intervention, and are adaptable enough to grow and change along with the organization.

Here’s how PKWARE makes data-centric security a reality.

Centralized Control

Centralized management is essential to ensure that data is protected according to the organization’s security policies, while remaining available for appropriate use.

PKWARE’s management console gives organizations complete control over its sensitive data from the moment that each file is created. Access to protected data can be granted or revoked at any time, and all activity is logged for auditing and reporting.

Gapless Protection

Network-centric and device-centric security strategies inevitably leave gaps between protected systems, because data must be decrypted or otherwise stripped of protection before it can be transferred between operating systems or platforms. Effective data-centric security eliminates security gaps, keeping sensitive information protected everywhere it’s shared or stored.

PKWARE delivers gapless protection through persistent encryption that travels with files, even when they’re sent outside the company network, and cross-platform operability that allows the organization to protect files (and make them available for authorized use) on every operating system within its architecture.


Automated workflows take user error out of the equation, and allow employees to do their jobs without interruption and without jeopardizing the company’s data. An organization’s security technology must apply its data protection policies in real time, across the entire enterprise, without user intervention. PKWARE makes this possible with data discovery technology that continuously monitors file activity, allowing the system to apply protection as soon as sensitive data appears.


Data-centric security is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Within a single organization, there can be dozens of security policies, hundreds of data types, and thousands of use cases. Some data might require encryption, while other data may need to be redacted, deleted, quarantined, or left as is.

PKWARE solutions can be tailored to meet the organization’s unique requirements, while accommodating changes in those requirements over time. With PKWARE, organizations can add and remove infrastructure, change business processes, and create new partnerships, without having to rebuild their data security solution each time.