Protection for customer and transaction data

Consumers rarely consider the possibility that their favorite store or online retailer could be the victim of a data breach. Retailers, however, cannot afford to ignore the threat. When customer profiles or sales records are compromised, the financial and PR damage can be devastating.

With more than 100 different regulations pertaining to data protection and security, retailers must ensure that nothing is left to chance. Non-compliance can be almost as problematic as a data breach itself, resulting in significant fines and penalties, as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

Facing new regulations, increasingly skilled identify thieves, and rapidly expanding volumes of data, retailers need a new level of sophistication in their approach to data security.

Unbeatable data protection and flexibility

PKWARE’s Smartcrypt allows retailers to exceed industry and governmental compliance requirements while eliminating the risks of a data breach, including substantial fines and lasting damage to a brand’s reputation.

The only encryption solution that supports all enterprise operating systems, Smartcrypt provides industry-leading data protection while allowing companies to exchange information across multiple divisions and with external partners. Smartcrypt also compresses files before applying encryption, dramatically reducing the demands on bandwidth and storage resources.


Secure sensitive information and meet PCI DSS requirements with Smartcrypt.

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FIPS 140-2

Smartcrypt fully addresses the standards outlined in FIPS 140-2, Find out how.

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Credit card account theft and other unsecured data violations can harm a company’s reputation and make them liable for millions in legal settlements and fines. As retailers collect exponentially more data and compliance requirements become more stringent, Smartcrypt can keep information safe while solving a variety of business challenges.

Smartcrypt for Enterprise Desktop Solutions

In order to efficiently and effectively respond to business needs, large amounts of potentially sensitive data are exchanged frequently within an organization. Smartcrypt’s data-centric approach to security ensures that strong encryption is applied to the data and remains with it in storage.

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Total Integration of Data Reduction & Security

Exponential growth in enterprise electronic data, demands on data retention periods, and an increased cost focus have led to a “perfect storm” in data proliferation. PKWARE is the only provider of the critical components for data reduction to control sprawl and data aggregation, while securing, moving, and storing data across the extended enterprise.

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Customer Success Stories

From small shops to international chains with hundreds of locations, retailers are using PKWARE’s Smartcrypt to protect their data, their profits, and their reputations. Read our customer success stories to learn more.