Protect trade secrets with PKWARE

Of all the sensitive data organizations need to protect, intellectual property may be the most valuable. Product designs, process documentation, algorithms, formulas, and other trade secrets must be protected in order for companies to remain competitive. But when intellectual property is stored electronically—especially in the cloud—it is constantly at risk of theft, tampering, and accidental exposure.

With PKWARE, organizations can manage these risks by automatically finding and encrypting files that contain intellectual property. Access to encrypted files can be tightly managed and revoked at any time, even if files have been copied or shared outside the company network. PKWARE can also detect intellectual property and other sensitive data in outgoing email, and encrypt messages and attachments prior to transmission.

Prevent compromise in the cloud

Moving data to the cloud has many benefits, but it can expose an organization to new security risks. Even if cloud providers encrypt data in their environments, the data can be compromised by attacks on the providers themselves. Companies must also consider the possibility that a cloud provider might be forced to turn data over to a foreign government for inappropriate reasons.

PKWARE enables companies to encrypt high-value data with company-controlled keys before data moves to the cloud. PKWARE’s "Hold Your Own Key" approach to encryption leaves the company in control and ensures that data stored in the cloud can never be accessed by unauthorized parties.

PKWARE Platform

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How it works

PKWARE's flexible, automated workflow identifies, classifies, and protects files containing trade secrets and other sensitive data across the organization.

Rule-Based Remediation

Policy management

Administrators use the PKWARE Enterprise Manager to define the organization's data discovery, data classification, and data protection policies.


Data discovery

PKWARE endpoint agents monitor file activity on laptops, desktops, and servers. New and modified files are scanned for data that meet’s the organization’s definition of sensitive information. Files containing intellectual property can be identified based on file contents, file type, file location, and other criteria.


Data classification

Files containing trade secrets are classified via visual labels to alert users to the senstivity of the contents, along with metadata tags to facilitate action by other security technologies. Organizations can also allow users to manually classify sensitive files.

Persistent Protection

Persistent protection

PKWARE applies strong, persistent encryption that remains with files wherever they are shared or stored—even when they travel outside the company network.

Centralized Control

Ongoing protection

With PKWARE's Smartkey technology, access to encrypted files can be granted or revoked at any time. If a departing employee copies encrypted files before leaving for a competitor, administrators can revoke their access to the keys, preventing unauthorized use of the files. PKWARE can also apply other forms of remediation, including deleting or quarantining files that are saved in inappropriate locations.