Secure email with customers and partners

A better approach for sharing sensitive data

Secure email gateways create nearly as many problems as they solve. The multi-step process required to open a protected email, together with forgotten passwords, password resets, and account lockouts, create frustration for message senders and recipients. These issues can obstruct the flow of information and damage important business relationships.

Secure email without frustration

PKWARE’s Smartcrypt secure email solution is a simpler, better approach for organizations that need to share sensitive information with external recipients. Banks, healthcare organizations, and other companies use Smartcrypt to protect critical information while facilitating access by customers, partners, and other external parties.

Rather than relying on the gateway model—which requires the recipient to click away from their email application and log in to a third-party website in order to retrieve a message—PKWARE’s technology provides simple functionality that eliminates confusion and frustration.

Easy for senders and recipients

Smartcrypt allows senders and recipients to use their existing email applications, and allows organizations to grant and revoke access to protected information at any time.

Message senders use Smartcrypt’s Outlook add-in to encrypt emails containing sensitive data. Smartcrypt can encrypt the message body and any attachments, using keys that only the intended recipient can use.

To open a secure email, the authorized recipient simply downloads the message file and uses the free Smartcrypt Reader to decrypt and open it. Secure emails cannot be accessed by anyone but the intended recipient, even if they are accidentally sent or forwarded to other parties.

PKWARE's Smartkey technology automates key management, eliminating the complexity of key creation, exchange, and synchronization. With Smartcrypt, administrators can grant or revoke access to encrypted data at any time, even after it has been shared outside the organization.

How it works

Smartcrypt integrates with Microsoft Outlook to provide an automated workflow for encrypting and decrypting emails.

  • Administrators use the PKWARE Enterprise Manager to create data protection policies and define the organization's criteria for sensitive information.
  • Smartcrypt agents on employee laptops and desktops integrate with Microsoft Outlook and scan email messages as they are created.
  • If an email message or attachment contains data that fits the organization's definition of sensitive information, Smartcrypt automatically applies persistent encryption using a pre-defined encryption key. No action is needed on the sender's part.
  • Authorized recipients can decrypt and read the encrypted message using Outlook's integration with Smartcrypt, or by using the free Smartcrypt Reader
  • If the message is forwarded to other, unauthorized recipients, those users will not be able to access the encrypted information

Users can also choose to encrypt outgoing messages (and select encryption keys) using a manual process, if this option is enabled by the organization's administrators.

Email encryption that doesn't break DLP

Smartcrypt can be integrated with existing data loss prevention workflows. Smartcrypt includes company-controlled keys in each encryption operation, enabling DLP scanners to decrypt content that has been encrypted elsewhere in the organization. Smartcrypt also allows the organization to encrypt data that was not protected prior to sending, eliminating the need to block transmissions that contain sensitive information.

Solution Sheet

Download a summary of PKWARE's solution for secure email.

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Smartcrypt delivers a wide range of benefits, making your organization's sensitive data more secure and easier to manage.
  • Protects sensitive information
  • Integrates into existing workflows
  • Enables organization-wide control
  • Simplifies key management
  • Reduces data volumes