Share sensitive data securely with partners, vendors, and customers

Every organization needs to share sensitive information with external companies and individuals. As data volumes and data traffic continue to increase, data exchange becomes a greater necessity and a greater risk each year.

PKWARE applies persistent encryption that remains with files in transit and at rest, preventing unauthorized access no matter where the files are copied or shared. Smartkeys, PKWARE’s innovative key management technology, can be used to manage access control at the folder or individual file level, even after a file has left the organization.

Protection for every use case

Because PKWARE technology focuses on data itself, rather than the exchange mechanism, it can be used to add encryption to a wide range of existing transfer workflows and processes.

  • Email: PKWARE solutions integrate with Microsoft Outlook, allowing organizations to secure sensitive data in message bodies and attachments without disrupting the user experience. PKWARE can be configured to scan and protect emails automatically, or to provide a manual workflow for users who need to specify different encryption keys and authorized users for different outgoing messages.

  • Cloud: Many organizations use cloud-based storage services as a mechanism for sharing data. However, once data leaves an organization’s network for the cloud, the organization has limited control over where the data might travel next. Cloud services that provide data protection capabilities typically leave data in the clear while in transit, or leave encryption keys (and ultimately, control over the data) in the hands of the cloud provider.

    With PKWARE, files can be encrypted before they are copied or sent to the cloud, and administrators can revoke access to encrypted files at any time, even if the files have been moved elsewhere.

  • FTP: FTP remains one of the most common mechanisms for data exchange between organizations. While secure FTP provides some measure of protection for data in transit and while it resides on the server, the organization that owns the data cannot control what happens once files are downloaded by a partner, vendor, or customer.

    PKWARE gives organizations the ability to encrypt files before an FTP upload, ensuring that only authorized users will be able to decrypt and access the data, even in the event that files are moved or shared inappropriately after download.

  • Removable media: Users have many options for encrypting flash drives and other forms of removable media. However, weak passphrases can leave sensitive data vulnerable to attack, while lost or forgotten passphrases can permanently lock an organization out of its own data.

    With PKWARE, organizations can take a policy-based approach to encryption, protecting files on removable storage while retaining control over sensitive information throughout the data lifecycle.

The key management challenge, solved

No matter which mechanism an organization uses to exchange encrypted information, one question must always be answered: how will authorized recipients get the decryption keys they need in order to access the data? Common approaches such as sharing passphrases via email, phone, or instant message are insecure and difficult to standardize, while public-key infrastructure has proven too complex for enterprise-scale implementation.

PKWARE’s Smartkey technology takes the difficulty out of key management, allowing organizations to grant and revoke access to encrypted data quickly and easily. Recipients can use the free PKWARE Reader to access files that have been encrypted using Smartkeys, even if their own organization does not use PKWARE's security solutions.

PKWARE also supports passphrase-based and certificate-based encryption, providing the flexibility large organizations need in order to exchange sensitive information with multiple external organizations.