Label, organize, and control your sensitive data

Every company has data—lots of it, and every day more and more data is being created. Companies know that they must keep data safe from internal and external cyber threats, but find it increasingly challenging to protect their sensitive information.

Data classification is essential for maintaining control over sensitive data. Systematic, enterprise-wide classification simplifies compliance, improves end-user awareness of security policies, and makes other security technology more effective.

PKWARE Data Classification

PKWARE Data Classification is a complete, automated solution that applies visual tags and metadata to files containing sensitive information. Organizations can use PKWARE to classify files at the point of creation, and to scan and classify existing files on user computers and file servers.

How it works

PKWARE's automated technology scans new or modified files for sensitive information as defined by the organization. When sensitive data is detected, PKWARE classifies the files based on the organization’s security policies. Classified files contain visual tags that alert users to the sensitivity of the data, as well as metadata tags that facilitate action by DLP scanners and other security technology.

PKWARE Data Classification can be integrated with other PKWARE solutions, allowing organizations to incorporate persistent encryption or other forms of remediation into the same automated workflow.

In addition to automated classification, PKWARE provides the option for users to apply labels manually to files they create or modify. Companies can choose the right data classification approach for their business whether it be user-driven classification, automatic classification, or a blend of classification techniques.

Put the human element on your side

Human error is to blame for a large percentage of security breaches. Heavy workloads, new technology, and insufficient training can lead employees to violate data security policies unintentionally. Data classification keeps employees engaged in the data protection process by increasing user awareness and empowering users to take action when files require special handling.

Visual labels on classified files help employees maintain awareness of the organization’s data protection policies and the need to handle data appropriately. PKWARE's email classification feature facilitates manual or automatic tagging of Outlook messages, extending the organization’s data protection policies to partners, vendors, or other parties who receive sensitive information.


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Data classification is performed by software agents installed on file servers, network-attached storage, and endpoint devices such as desktop and laptop computers. Enterprise deployment options are available.

After the PKWARE agent is installed, administrators can configure classification settings for users, groups, and network locations.


Administrators use the PKWARE Enterprise Manager to define and apply the organization’s data discovery, classification, and remediation policies. Policies can include detailed rules and security workflows for different user groups, locations, and forms of sensitive data.

Administrators can use PKWARE's Data Security Intelligence tools to monitor data protection activity and provide reports for audit and compliance purposes.

End User Experience

PKWARE's integrated approach to data classification enables automatic policy-based tagging for files that contain sensitive data on user devices. Classified files contain visual tags that alert users to the sensitivity of the data, as well as metadata tags that facilitate action by DLP scanners and other security technology.

PKWARE also allows end users to apply manual classification to files that require protection even though they do not fit the organization’s definition of sensitive data. After manual classification, Smartcrypt will automatically apply the appropriate form of protection to the tagged file.


PKWARE makes your security program more effective and helps you face the challenges posed by internal and external cyber threats.
  • Empowers users to classify data at the point of creation, increasing security awareness through visual labels
  • Finds legacy sensitive data throughout the organization and automatically applies classification and remediation
  • Provides persistent strong encryption for sensitive information
  • Enables organization-wide control and consistent policy enforcement