Strong protection for intellectual property

In an increasingly competitive business environment, information is a manufacturer's most important asset. From product designs to financial data to customer lists, businesses must protect their critical information from threats at home and abroad. The loss of unprotected data can cost a manufacturer its competitive edge and create problems that take years to repair.

Persistent data-level encryption is the only way to ensure that an organization's information remains protected even in the event of a data breach. Manufacturers who compete for government contracts must comply with federal security mandates, adding further importance to data protection. At the same time, companies need to manage increasingly large volumes of data while retaining their ability to share and exchange information easily between internal business units and with external partners.

The next-generation data security solution

PKWARE’s automated data security solutions help manufacturers to protect their trade secrets and other sensitive information from industrial espionage, accidental data leaks, and other threats. PKWARE secures the data itself, ensuring that no one but authorized users can access it, no matter how often it is shared or copied.

Every year, intellectual property grows more valuable and more vulnerable. With PKWARE, manufacturers can protect their sensitive information, and that of their customers, without disrupting the flow of business.