Dependable protection for PHI, PII, and more

Organizations in the healthcare industry process and store a massive amount of sensitive data, including everything from medical records to patient payment details. This data is routinely shared between healthcare providers, claims processors, insurance companies, pharmacies, and other entities, creating multiple opportunities for data to be mishandled or stolen.

Federal regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH require strict data privacy and detailed audit procedures for healthcare information. The Affordable Care Act has accelerated the move toward electronic health records, adding a new challenge for hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and software vendors.

Next-generation data security

PKWARE's data-centric security solutions help organizations protect health information and other sensitive data wherever it is used, shared, or stored. PKWARE's encryption solutions meet all federal requirements for data protection and gives security administrators the ability to manage encrypted data as never before.

Data security will only become more essential as regulations change and the industry continues to move away from paper records. PKWARE can help healthcare organizations meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.