Reliable security for government data

People trust the government to protect the sensitive information it collects. Data breaches or other security failures damage this trust and expose governmental agencies to penalties and other sanctions. Even more importantly, stolen data can threaten the country’s stability and security.

Heightened security standards and evolving threats have intensified the need for a sophisticated approach to data protection. Federal and state agencies require a powerful encryption tool that protects sensitive information while facilitating data exchange within and between departments, agencies, contractors, and companies.

Persistent data protection and simplified administration

PKWARE’s automated data security technology is uniquely suited to meet the needs of government departments and agencies. PKWARE provides real-time monitoring and persistent protection, ensuring that personal information and other sensitive data remains safe even when it leaves the organization.

PKWARE can provide government agencies with the tools to comply with new regulations and security standards, while eliminating the risks of a data breach that could damage an agency’s reputation and put national security at risk. High-performance data compression capabilities and streamlined administration make it easier for agencies to meet their compliance obligations on limited budgets.