Next-generation security for financial data

With immense quantities of sensitive information to protect, financial institutions are among the favorite targets of data thieves. The loss of unprotected data can be devastating for an organization and for its customers, with consequences that often last for years.

In order to meet national and international requirements and industry mandates, as well as retain customer confidence, banks and other financial institutions need to secure their information with encryption that protects data even when it leaves the organization. At the same time, institutions must ensure that their data security measures do not get in the way of customer service, internal communication, or other business needs.

Protection, compliance, and control

PKWARE delivers strong encryption and enterprise-wide administrative control, without disrupting end-user activities. Data remains protected from inappropriate use, while allowing for audits, DLP processing, and other critical tasks.

As the volume of data multiplies exponentially and compliance requirements become more stringent, PKWARE can help financial institutions meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.