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PKZIP for Windows Desktop

File Compression Software

PKZIP continues to be the gold standard in data compression and file management, evolving as your needs have changed. PKZIP compresses and extracts files to greatly reduce required storage space and transmission times. And, by using the .ZIP standard, the most widely used file standard in the world, you can easily exchange data across all major computing platforms more efficiently and effectively.

Simply drag-and-drop files into the PKZIP interface to compress files.

PKZIP in Action

Built on the familiar and reliable .ZIP standard, SecureZIP is the only data-centric security product that allows you to encrypt information on one computing platform and transfer it to any other computing platform in your environment. Learn more about SecureZIP

  • Compress files to save storage space: Compress files up to 95%, saving valuable storage space and making file transfer easier
  • Compress & encrypt files directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint: When using Microsoft Office, simply select “Save Copy as ZIP File” or "Save Copy as Secure ZIP File" to compress or encrypt directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • Strong passphrase-based file protection Support of AES or 3DES strong encryption protects valuable information. Files encrypted with PKZIP may be decrypted and extracted on all major enterprise computing platforms
  • Send secure emails & attachments: Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows any email and/or attachment to be encrypted, automatically if desired. Encrypted emails can be forwarded without the need to download and resave files
  • Operates across all major enterprise computing platforms: Delivers cross-platform compatibility across desktop, server, midrange, and mainframe environments.
  • Large file compression & very large archive support: PKZIP can compress files that are over 9 exabytes in size and allow users to combine up to two billion files into a single ZIP archive
  • Encrypt file names: Names of files in an encrypted PKZIP archive cannot be read until the archive is decrypted
  • Lossless compression: PKZIP uses “lossless” compression so no original data is lost when a file is zipped
  • Compresses files in multiple formats: Compress files in several archive formats, including ZIP, TAR, BZ2, GZIP, UUEncode, XXEncode, Jar, OpenPGP, TAR BZIP2, and TAR GZIP
  • Decompresses files in multiple formats: Open (decompress) ZIP files, as well as TAR, JAR, BZ2, RAR, GZIP, CAB, LZH, LZMA, PPMd, UUEncode, XXEncode, and OpenPGP
  • Command-line add-on for automating recurring tasks: PKZIP provides a command-line interface allowing users to create scripts for automating unattended script and batch processing
  • File shredding: PKZIP can be configured to overwrite deleted files, up to seven times, in accordance with NSA specifications to ensure deleted information cannot later be recovered

Enterprise Features

  • Ensures consistent compression & passphrase security practices: Using Policy Manager via a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, administrators can establish compression and encryption settings according to organizational policies and best practices
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