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Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager

Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager

The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager is the central component of the Smartcrypt platform, allowing organizations to maintain control over sensitive data across the enterprise. It controls data discovery, data classification, and data protection activity, as well as encryption key management, key synchronization, and key delivery.

With Smartcrypt, your data security policies don’t exist only on paper—they control where sensitive data exists and who can access it. Smartcrypt lets you create a tailored data protection solution that closes security gaps and eliminates user confusion.

Simpler and smarter

Administrators use the Manager's web-based interface to define data security policies and manage Smartcrypt agents installed on user devices, servers, and other IT assets. Access to protected data can be granted or revoked at any time, and user activity can be monitored and audited in real time.

Smartcrypt's innovative key management technology lets organizations grant and revoke access to encrypted data at any time, while ensuring that data remains available for auditing, DLP processing, and other essential functions.

The Enterprise Manager integrates with Active Directory to simplify administration and align data security policies with existing business processes and workflows. Administrators can configure policy groups to enable multiple levels of access for different departments or user profiles within the organization. Organizations can also make retroactive changes to data access (for example, when teams gain or lose personnel) without sacrificing the time and resources needed for re-encryption.

Take control of your data

Uncontrolled encryption can be as problematic as a lack of encryption. Smartcrypt can be configured to include at least one of the organization’s public keys in every encryption operation, eliminating the possibility that the organization could lose access to its own data. Encryption policies also facilitate access to protected files by data loss prevention scanners, improving DLP efficiency and effectiveness.

Gain insights and maintain compliance

Smartcrypt’s advanced reporting capabilities give security administrators and auditors full visibility into encryption activity across the entire enterprise. Administrators can monitor which files have been encrypted, who has access to the files, and where the files have been shared. Security reports can be generated using the data security intelligence interface in the management console, picked up by a SIEM agent, or retrieved via API for transformation and load to a customer datamart.

Multiple deployment options

The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager is available as software, a virtual appliance, or a hardware appliance.

When deployed as software, the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager can be integrated with an organization's existing database and application infrastructure. Smartcrypt Appliances offer streamlined deployment, together with enhanced security capabilities including an optional FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware security module and a full-entropy quantum random number generator.


Learn more about the Smartcrypt data protection platform.

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Technical information and other key details about Smartcrypt’s admin console.

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Get details on the plug-and-play Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager Appliances.

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The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager provides a full set of administrative controls, along with advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Encryption Key Management
  • Key Synchronization and Exchange
  • Policy Management and Control
  • Data Security Intelligence
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Smartcrypt Manager Walkthrough

Follow along as PKWARE Chief Product Officer Matt Little demonstrates the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager's unique key management, policy management, and reporting capabilities.

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