Smartcrypt for Mobile

Enable mobile access without sacrificing data security

The company-owned cell phone is an endangered species.

As more organizations move to “bring your own device” policies for employee mobile devices, a new threat to data security has emerged. Organizations often have no control over employee devices, yet must allow employees to use their phones to access sensitive information in order to do their jobs.

Employees often fail to install or update the appropriate security software on their devices, which means that data stored on a phone is especially vulnerable the device is lost or stolen. Even when mobile security solutions are in place, those solutions don't address data protection.

Smarter protection for mobile devices

Typical approaches to mobile encryption leave gaps in data protection. While encrypted messaging apps can secure conversations, and native device encryption provides some protection for data at rest, sensitive files are left unprotected when transferred from a mobile device.

PKWARE’s Smartcrypt provides end-to-end strong encryption for data stored on mobile devices, keeping sensitive information safe from unauthorized access at rest and in motion.

How it works

Smartcrypt encrypts and decrypts data on iOS and Android mobile devices with a minimum of user involvement. The Smartcrypt mobile app is synchronized to each user’s Smartcrypt profile, giving users access to the same encryption keys they use on other devices.

Smartcrypt allows users to open encrypted files received via email, Bluetooth, USB connection, or the cloud. Users can also encrypt files including documents, photos, and videos before sending them to other users or saving them in a cloud storage location.

With Smartcrypt, organizations can immediately revoke access to protected information in the event that an employee’s mobile device is stolen or compromised, minimizing the effects of a data breach that could otherwise lead to disastrous consequences.