Smartcrypt for Midrange

Flexible data protection for critical business processes

IBM's midrange computer systems have supported transaction processing, database management, ERP activities, and other critical business functions for more than twenty years. Organizations continue to rely on the Power Systems platform due to its reputation for reliability and high performance, and in order to preserve the vast amounts of historical data many companies have stored in their midrange systems.

For the same reasons that they remain popular with the organizations that use them, IBM i systems have become popular targets for spies and data thieves seeking large amounts of sensitive information.

While native encryption products provide some measure of protection for data while it resides within the Power Systems environment, these solutions can leave security gaps when data is copied or moved from the midrange to an external location. As data volumes and traffic volumes continue to grow exponentially, the risk of a catastrophic security event increases each year.

Smarter protection against internal and external threats

PKWARE's Smartcrypt is the only data protection solution that applies persistent encryption to information on IBM Power Systems, securing data against unauthorized access no matter where it is shared or stored.

Smartcrypt protects both structured and unstructured data, gives customers the option to embed encryption directly into their applications, and can secure databases with field-level, length-preserving encryption.

How it works

Smartcrypt applies strong encryption at the data level, providing a greater degree of protection and control than solutions that encrypt data only at rest or in transit. Data can be encrypted with passphrases or using OpenPGP or X.509 certificates, and decrypted by authorized users on any operating system.

Unlike other encryption products that increase file sizes (while providing only limited protection), Smartcrypt compresses data before applying encryption. PKWARE's industry-leading compression technology reduces data volumes by up to 90%, improving data transmission times and easing demands on storage resources.

Files encrypted by Smartcrypt on midrange systems are interoperable with Smartcrypt's other solutions, including agents for user devices, file servers, and mainframes.

Encryption keys can be stored in hardware security modules on Power Systems hardware, and are interoperable with third-party dedicated key management appliances. Smartcrypt also includes an automated interface for retrieving public keys from LDAP compliant directories, greatly increasing the ease of use of public keys for encryption in Power Systems processing.

Smartcrypt Platform

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The Smartcrypt for Midrange agent is installed on each system that may potentially store or process sensitive information.

Agents can be configured to encrypt all data within the mainframe environment, or only data within specified locations.


The Smartcrypt agent is configured and managed directly through the system interface. Encryption can be enabled through default settings or individual commands.

Encryption keys can be stored in a dedicated HSM or managed via a separate key management appliance.

End User Experience

Users who store or access files in protected locations can continue to use their normal workflows.

Smartcrypt automates encryption and decryption, so the process is transparent to the end user.


Smartcrypt delivers a wide range of benefits, making your organization's sensitive data more secure and easier to manage.
  • Protects sensitive information in the Power Systems environment and when transmitted to external locations
  • Integrates into existing workflows
  • Enables organization-wide control
  • Simplifies key management