Smartcrypt for Email

Retain control of sensitive data after it leaves your network

Email is an inherently insecure form of communication, yet it remains the most common form of business communication. Though few email users give it a thought, email messages typically pass through unsecured systems on the way from sender to recipient, creating multiple opportunities for sensitive information to be compromised in the process.

A smarter way to secure your email

Persistent data-level encryption is the only technology that can truly protect information as it travels outside the enterprise. PKWARE’s Smartcrypt provides end-to-end strong encryption, safeguarding sensitive information both inside and outside the organization.

Unlike other email encryption products, Smartcrypt automates key management, eliminating the complexity of key creation, exchange, and synchronization. With Smartcrypt, administrators can grant or revoke access to encrypted data at any time, even after it has been shared outside the organization.

How it works

Smartcrypt provides a streamlined, intuitive workflow for encrypting and decrypting emails. The Smartcrypt Outlook add-in encrypts and compresses outgoing messages with a minimum of user involvement. Authorized message recipients can then use Smartcrypt or PKWARE’s free ZIP Reader to decrypt and open encrypted messages. Encrypted files cannot be read by unauthorized users, even when they are copied or saved outside the organization's network.

Smartcrypt can be integrated with existing data loss prevention workflows, allowing DLP scanners to access and evaluate encrypted emails. With a single encryption standard across the organization, DLP processes become more effective and your organization's sensitive information is more secure.

Organizations can use Smartcrypt’s data discovery capabilities to make email encryption easier and more secure. When discovery is enabled, Smartcrypt scans each outgoing message (body and attachments), and encrypts messages containing sensitive data based on the organization’s security policies.

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The Smartcrypt for Files and Folders agent is installed on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices of users who may potentially send or receive sensitive information via email.

Enterprise-ready deployment options are available for large-scale implementations.

Agents can be configured to encrypt all emails, to prompt users before encrypting, or to use Smartcrypt’s data discovery capabilities to scan and encrypt messages based on their contents.


Administrators use the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager console to define encryption policies for departments, teams, or individual users.

Encryption policies govern which options are available to users and which encryption keys are used to protect their documents.

Smartcrypt’s innovative Smartkey technology lets administrators grant or revoke access to encrypted information at any time.

End User Experience

There is no change to the process of composing emails or selecting attachments.

Before a message is sent, Smartcrypt compresses and encrypts outgoing emails in accordance with organizational policies. Users may be prompted to select an encryption key for each message, or a key can be designated for use by default.

When Smartcrypt Data Discovery is enabled, the Smartcrypt agent automatically identifies and encrypts sensitive data based on the organization's policies.


Smartcrypt delivers a wide range of benefits, making your organization's sensitive data more secure and easier to manage.

Protects sensitive information

Integrates into existing workflows

Enables organization-wide control

Simplifies key management

Reduces data volumes