Smartcrypt for Desktops and Laptops

Protect sensitive information at the source

Information is an organization’s greatest asset, and also its greatest risk.

New technologies and business processes have created unprecedented opportunities, but many companies struggle to protect rapidly-expanding volumes of sensitive information. Meanwhile, internal and external cyber threats continue to proliferate, making data breaches an unavoidable fact of life for organizations in every industry.

Find, protect, and manage sensitive data

In order to maintain control over your data, you need a solution that can identify and protect sensitive information as soon as it appears on a user device, while ensuring that your organization remains in control.

PKWARE’s Smartcrypt combines end-to-end encryption with intelligent data discovery, allowing organizations to apply tailored security policies to individual employees, groups or the entire organization.

How it works

Smartcrypt protects sensitive data on laptops, desktops, and other user devices with strong, end-to-end encryption. Customer data, intellectual property, and other forms of critical information are protected against unauthorized access, even if files are shared outside the organization.

Smartcrypt integrates with Microsoft Office, allowing users to save and open encrypted documents without disruptions to their normal workflows. Whether encrypted files are saved on a computer’s hard drive, stored on removable media, or backed up on a cloud service, the files can only be accessed by authorized users.

Smartcrypt’s data discovery features can be configured to scan and encrypt files on a laptop or desktop based on the organization’s security policies, ensuring that sensitive information will not be left exposed to improper use.

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Data Sheet

Technical information and other details about the Smartcrypt Files and Folders agent.

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The Smartcrypt for Files and Folders agent is installed on laptops, desktops, and tablets used by individuals who may need to access or exchange sensitive information.

Enterprise-ready deployment options are available for large-scale implementations.

Smartcrypt agents can be configured to encrypt all files on a device, or to use Smartcrypt’s data discovery capabilities to scan and encrypt files based on their contents.


Administrators use the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager to define encryption policies for departments, teams, or individual users.

Encryption policies govern which options are available to users and which encryption keys are used to protect their documents.

Smartcrypt’s innovative Smartkey technology lets administrators grant or revoke access to encrypted information at any time.

End User Experience

When saving an Office document, users can choose to save the file as an encrypted ZIP archive, using the standard Office “Save As” dialog.

The decryption process is transparent to end users, as Smartcrypt’s key management technology automatically selects the proper key to access each file.

When Smartcrypt Data Discovery is enabled, the Smartcrypt agent automatically identifies and encrypts sensitive data based on the organization's policies.


Smartcrypt delivers a wide range of benefits, making your organization's sensitive data more secure and easier to manage.

Protects sensitive information

Integrates into existing workflows

Allows for organization-wide control

Simplifies the encryption process