Smartcrypt for Desktops and Laptops

Protect sensitive information at the source

Information is an organization’s greatest asset, and also its greatest risk.

New technologies and business processes have created unprecedented opportunities, but many companies struggle to protect rapidly-expanding volumes of sensitive information. Meanwhile, internal and external cyber threats continue to proliferate, making data breaches an unavoidable fact of life for organizations in every industry.

Find, protect, and manage sensitive data

In order to maintain control over your data, you need a solution that can identify and protect sensitive information as soon as it appears on a user device, while ensuring that your organization remains in control.

PKWARE’s Smartcrypt combines intelligent data discovery with classification and policy-based data protection, allowing organizations to define and implement tailored security strategies for individual employees, groups, or the entire organization.

How it works

The Smartcrypt for Files and Folders agent is installed on laptop and desktop computers and monitor file activity on the protected systems. When a user saves or creates a new file, or modifies an existing file, the Smartcrypt agent initiates a discovery scan to determine whether the file contains sensitive information.

If a file requires protection based on the organization's policies, Smartcrypt can initiate data classification and then apply persistent encryption or other forms of data protection. Customer data, intellectual property, and other forms of critical information are protected against unauthorized access, even if files are shared outside the organization.

Smartcrypt integrates with Microsoft Office, allowing users to save and open encrypted documents without disruptions to their normal workflows. Whether encrypted files are saved on a computer’s hard drive, stored on removable media, or backed up on a cloud service, the files can only be accessed by authorized users.