Policy-Based Data Protection

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, one approach does not fit all. Some types of data require encryption, some need to be quarantined in specific locations, and some need to be deleted altogether. PKWARE helps organizations implement effective data security and compliance strategies by providing a wide range of automated data protection options.

No other solution provider offers as many data protection options on as many operating systems. With PKWARE, organizations can automatically detect files containing sensitive information and apply one or more remediation options in a single integrated workflow:

  • Persistent encryption: apply persistent strong encryption that remains with data even when it is shared or copied outside your organization’s network
  • Transparent encryption: apply transparent data encryption to protect data at rest, with robust user-based access controls
  • Quarantine: move sensitive files to a specified location
  • Redaction: replace sensitive text with unreadable characters
  • Deletion: permanently delete files containing sensitive data
  • Classification: add visual and metadata classification tags to increase user awareness and facilitate action by other security technology.

Protection is applied automatically as soon as files are created or modified, with no action by the end user. Encrypted files remain available to users who have access to the correct decryption keys, but cannot be opened or read by unauthorized users.

PKWARE can protect data on every enterprise operating system and integrates with Microsoft Outlook and other common business applications.