Enterprise data protection. No compromises.

Despite the increasingly strong business case for data encryption, many organizations struggle to accept the tradeoffs associated with common encryption solutions. Bloated data volumes and key management challenges can increase costs and disrupt workflows, while gaps in protection can continue to leave sensitive data at risk of theft or misuse.

At PKWARE, we’ve been working with data for the last 30 years—and we’re sick of compromises. Our Smartcrypt platform helps organizations find and encrypt their critically-important data without gaps in protection, without key management headaches, and without increased data transmission or storage costs.

Only Smartcrypt lets you encrypt across the enterprise and keep your data safe wherever it is used, shared, or stored.

Enterprise data discovery and encryption

Smartcrypt redefines enterprise data protection, providing complete administrative control while finding and protecting sensitive data on user devices, file servers, mainframes, and more, on every enterprise operating system.

The Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager, a web-based administration console, allows security managers to define encryption policies and monitor encryption and decryption activity across the organization. Smartcrypt automates key management, eliminating the complexity of key generation, exchange, synchronization, and rotation.

A Smartcrypt agent is installed on each user device or IT asset to encrypt and decrypt data in accordance with the organization’s policies. Depending on the organization’s unique needs, Smartcrypt agents can be deployed to address file and folder encryption, transparent data encryption, data discovery, or other data protection needs.

Smartcrypt Application Encryption lets organizations build strong encryption into their proprietary applications with the addition of only a few lines of code.

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Learn more about how the Smartcrypt platform can lock down your organization's sensitive data.

The Smartcrypt Difference

With PKWARE’s Smartcrypt, data discovery and encryption can be incorporated into your existing business processes, without the need for new infrastructure and without disrupting user workflows.

  • Persistent Encryption

    Only Smartcrypt protects sensitive information with strong encryption that remains with data at rest, in use, and in transit. Persistent encryption ensures that only authorized users can access data, even in the event that the data is lost or stolen.

    Smartcrypt lets you lock down your data and eliminate the negative consequences of a data breach.

  • Smartkey Technology

    PKWARE’s innovative Smartkey technology takes the confusion and frustration out of encryption key management.

    With Smartkeys, your organization can maintain complete control over encrypted data. Administrators can tailor encryption policies to meet your unique requirements, while streamlining the encryption and decryption process for end users.

  • Intelligent Data Discovery

    In order to protect sensitive data, an organization must first know how much sensitive data it has, and where that data is located.

    Smartcrypt can be configured to perform data discovery scans on user devices and shared storage locations, identifying sensitive information based on organizational security policies. Once detected, sensitive data can be encrypted in the same workflow.

  • Data Security Intelligence

    Smartcrypt’s reporting suite delivers detailed, easy-to-use intelligence on encryption and decryption activity across the organization.

    Our industry-best data security intelligence tools allow administrators to see which files have been encrypted, where the protected data is stored, and which internal or external users have been granted access to sensitive information. Smartcrypt's security intelligence features provide exceptional ease of use, and generate high-quality reports without the need for a third-party reporting tool.

  • Encryption without Data Expansion

    Unlike other solutions that increase file sizes during encryption, Smartcrypt actually reduces data volumes in the encryption process.

    Using PKWARE’s unmatched data compression technology, Smartcrypt provides encrypted files that are significantly smaller—by as much as 90 percent—than the unencrypted data.

  • Cross-platform operability

    Smartcrypt is the only encryption solution that secures data on every enterprise computing platform. Encrypted files can be shared by authorized users on different systems, while remaining inaccessible to everyone else.

    From mainframes to mobile devices, Smartcrypt is flexible enough to fit into any organization’s IT infrastructure.

Smartcrypt Walkthrough

See Smartcrypt in action

Follow along as PKWARE Chief Product Officer Matt Little demonstrates the Smartcrypt management console’s unique key management, policy management, and reporting capabilities.

Smart Solutions

With support for every enterprise operating system, PKWARE’s Smartcrypt is the only data protection platform that keeps information secure across the entire organization. From mobile devices to mainframes, Smartcrypt protects sensitive data from internal and external threats.