Automated, enterprise-wide data protection

Cyber threats are getting harder to predict and harder to stop. The only way to be secure is to be sure that sensitive data is protected everywhere, all the time. However, most security products leave gaps because they:

  • Focus on preventing intrusions, rather than protecting data itself
  • Don’t allow organizations to find out where their sensitive data really is
  • Don’t provide enough options for protecting data
  • Only work on one or a few operating systems
  • Encourage workarounds because they’re too difficult to use and manage
  • Or all of the above

Despite the risks, many organizations continue to rely on inadequate security because they can’t find solutions that address the complex challenge of protecting data in multiple locations on multiple operating systems.

Take control of sensitive data

PKWARE’s data protection platform eliminates security gaps by finding, classifying, and protecting sensitive data across the entire enterprise. PKWARE provides capabilities no other product can match, allowing each organization to create a tailored data protection solution.

The PKWARE Enterprise Manager allows security managers to define data protection policies and monitor activity across the organization. PKWARE automates encryption key management, allowing the organization to grant or revoke access to protected data at any time, while eliminating user disruption and broken workflows.

A PKWARE agent is installed on each user device or IT asset to protect data in accordance with the organization’s policies. Depending on the organization’s unique needs, agents can be deployed to address file and folder encryption, transparent data encryption, data discovery, or other data protection needs.

Protection without disruption

PKWARE's approach to data security is focused on closing security gaps and streamlining previously challenging operations. Our solutions are designed to be incorporated into your existing business processes, without the need for new infrastructure and without breaking user workflows.

Rule-Based Remediation

Data-centric workflow

PKWARE's automated, data-centric security workflow provides the capabilities large organizations need in order to take control of sensitive data and meet their information security goals.

PKWARE endpoint agents monitor file activity in protected locations and detect sensitive information as soon as it appears. Once detected, sensitive files can be classified with metadata and protected via persistent encryption, quarantine, masking, or other methods. No other solution provides the capability to find, classify, and protect data in a single automated workflow.

Persistent Protection

Persistent encryption

PKWARE protects sensitive information with strong encryption that remains with data at rest, in use, and in transit. Persistent encryption ensures that only authorized users can access data, even in the event that the data is lost or stolen.

PKWARE lets you lock down your data and eliminate the negative consequences of a data breach.


Cross-platform operability

PKWARE is the only data security solution that secures data on every enterprise computing platform. Encrypted files can be shared by authorized users on different systems, while remaining inaccessible to everyone else.

From mainframes to mobile devices, PKWARE is flexible enough to fit into any organization’s IT infrastructure.

Centralized Control

Full visibility

PKWARE’s reporting suite delivers detailed, easy-to-use intelligence on encryption and decryption activity across the organization.

Our industry-best Data Security Intelligence tool allows administrators to see which files have been protected, where the data is stored, and which internal or external users have been granted access to sensitive information. PKWARE's reporting features provide exceptional ease of use, and generate high-quality reports without the need for a third-party tool.

Customer Success

Flexible implementation

PKWARE supports a variety of deployment options, enabling organizations to implement their data protection solutions without unnecessary changes to infrastructure or workflows.

PKWARE's administration console is available as a virtual or hardware appliance, and the Smartcrypt software development kit can be used to add persistent encryption capabilities into existing applications with only a few new lines of code. No matter how complex the implementation, PKWARE's professional services team is there to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Smart Solutions

  • DLP Enhancement

    Make your organization's data loss prevention technology more effective.

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  • Secure Email

    Maintain the security of your data even after it leaves your organization’s network.

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  • Smartcrypt for Mainframe

    Lock down sensitive information while reducing data volumes.

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  • Smartcrypt for Midrange

    Protect enterprise data without disrupting critical workflows.

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  • Application Encryption

    Build Smartcrypt protection into your organization’s applications with a few lines of code.

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  • Smartcrypt TDE

    Lay a strong foundation for regulatory compliance and data security.

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