MILWAUKEE – Oct. 3, 2016 – PKWARE, a global leader in encryption software, today announced Smartcrypt Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), a data-at-rest security solution that protects sensitive information on enterprise servers, ensuring compliance with a wide variety of regulatory requirements and customer privacy mandates.

In today’s digital age, organizations must overcome data security challenges from both insider and external threats. As a security measure, encryption ensures that any data that is stolen or mishandled is rendered meaningless. TDE enables companies to easily protect their sensitive information by encrypting the database, associated backups and transaction log files at rest, preventing attackers from bypassing the database and accessing the data from storage. Furthermore, TDE helps organizations meet compliance requirements since it does not require changes to the application code or configuration.

“With Smartcrypt TDE, PKWARE is strengthening customer security while meeting demand for encryption at the file level,” said Matt Little, Vice President of Product Development at PKWARE. “Network and device centric security efforts leave security gaps that often go undetected. Now, it is even easier for organizations to encrypt their data and eliminate the value of stolen or leaked information from unauthorized users.”

The primary benefits of Smartcrypt TDE include:

  • Fast deployment: Smartcrypt TDE is installed on application, file and database servers containing sensitive information. Data is encrypted at the block level by a file system driver, between the operating system and the file system. Agents perform automatic encrypt and decrypt operations as data is read or written across the network.
  • Easy implementation: Smartcrypt TDE is cost-effective and easy to manage, securing file and application data without application changes, additional infrastructure or professional services. No endpoint software is required and user experience is unaffected.
  • Compliance solutions: Smartcrypt TDE eliminates the negative effects of theft or accidental sharing of customer information, employee records and intellectual property by addressing compliance mandates including PCI DSS, HIPAA/HiTech and GDPR.

Encryption of data at rest on enterprise servers with Smartcrypt TDE lays a strong foundation for a complete defense-in-depth data protection strategy, eliminating vulnerabilities wherever data is used, shared and stored.

PKWARE's Smartcrypt TDE is now generally available. For more information, Click here.

PKWARE is a trusted leader in global business data protection. For 30 years PKWARE has focused not just on networks and devices, but on the data itself. Building on our compression expertise with the latest encryption technology, PKWARE protects data for over 30,000 enterprise customers and 200 government agencies. Our software-defined solutions provide cost-effective and easy-to-implement protection that is transparent to end users and simple for IT to administer and control.

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