MILWAUKEE, August 23, 2019 PKWARE, a global leader in data security, announced the launch of PKWARE Data Redaction, a data compliance solution for organizations that store or process credit card data. The product features technology that automatically detects credit card numbers in files and removes the middle six digits, helping organizations comply with industry mandates and secure cardholder data.

"PKWARE Data Redaction solves a widespread problem that has gone unaddressed until now," said Miller Newton, CEO of PKWARE. "Even organizations with effective database security struggle to protect card numbers once they move into spreadsheets, documents, and other forms of unstructured data. Our solution eliminates an organizational risk without disrupting the way people work."

Credit card data security is governed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which dictates that card numbers must be protected at rest and in transit. Companies that fail PCI DSS audits or expose card numbers to unauthorized access can face fines, increased transaction costs, and other sanctions.

PKWARE's data redaction technology detects credit card numbers in files on laptops, desktops, and servers, and replaces the middle six digits with unreadable characters. Redaction prevents unauthorized use of card numbers in the event that a file is stolen or shared inappropriately. In addition, organizations can remove redacted files from the scope of PCI DSS audits, as the files no longer contain usable card data.

PKWARE developed its redaction solution in response to a request from one of its long-time customers, a global bank which is now implementing the technology on more than 250,000 laptop and desktop systems. PKWARE also recently joined the PCI Security Standards Council to work more closely with the payment card industry in protecting cardholder data.


PKWARE helps organizations eliminate security gaps, manage sensitive data, and meet their data compliance goals. The company provides automated, data-centric security technology that allows companies to ensure that sensitive data is always protected according to organizational policy. For more information, please visit

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