MILWAUKEE, — PKWARE today introduced new, easy-to-use features in its Smart Encryption Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide architects with strong encryption they can trust. As data breaches multiply, more businesses are looking at data level strategies to protect their customers and assets from threats inside and outside the organization.

As internal enterprise networks become as vulnerable as the public Internet, databases are routinely accessed by snoops and thieves, requiring security at the field level," said Matt Little, vice president of product development at PKWARE, Inc. "Modern architects need security they can easily embed into their existing systems. The field level encryption provided by our software development kit makes this process efficient and painless.

Tools bring easy encryption for database fields and file names

PKWARE's Smart Encryption SDK, is currently in use by tens of thousands of businesses and developers around the world. New features include:

  • Field-level encryption: Protects sensitive information in databases at the field level allowing organizations in financial services, government and healthcare to maintain compliance.
  • Length + Format preserving protection: Preserves database schemas requiring only minimal changes to applications. Solidifies integrity for fields containing fixed length or format specific values like Social Security or credit cards numbers without compromising referential integrity.

These new features were created in response to encryption needs from security architects and database administrators at a major financial services firm needing interoperable protection for structured and unstructured data.

To find out more about how to easily embed encryption into everything from databases and servers to partner sharing portals and the cloud, visit our developer's tools


PKWARE's Smart Encryption armors data at its core, eliminating vulnerabilities everywhere it is used, shared or stored. Smart Encryption is easily embedded and managed without changing the way people work. Integrated across all enterprise systems, platforms and languages, Smart Encryption fortifies information security inside and outside the organization. For nearly three decades, PKWARE has provided security and compression software to more than 30,000 enterprise customers, including 200 government entities. PKWARE invented .ZIP, the world's most widely used, file-based open standard.

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