Advanced solutions for critical enterprise data

Mainframe systems are among an organization's most important IT assets, handling massive volumes of mission-critical business data. They're also among the most expensive assets to operate, maintain, and upgrade, making it essential that organizations achieve the most efficient possible use of their systems.

With more than 30 years of experience providing solutions for mainframe systems, PKWARE understands the unique business value of IBM Z technology, as well as the challenges organizations face in maximizing their operational efficiency.

Many of the world's largest financial institutions, retailers, and other organizations use PKZIP for z/OS and Smartcrypt for z/OS to compress, transfer, and protect critical mainframe data.

PKZIP for z/OS

High Performance Data Compression and Transfer

The industry’s most advanced compression solution, PKZIP for z/OS delivers unmatched data compression, together with enhanced file handling and system integrations that accelerate business processes in the datacenter and beyond.

PKZIP reduces file sizes by as much as 95%, decreasing DASD costs, conserving transmission bandwidth, and minimizing processing time.

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Smartcrypt for z/OS

Persistent Strong Encryption for IBM Z

Smartcrypt is the most flexible and powerful IBM Z encryption solution available. It protects both structured and unstructured data, gives customers the option to embed encryption directly into their applications, and can secure mainframe databases with field-level, length-preserving encryption.

Smartcrypt for z/OS includes all of PKZIP's data compression and transfer capabilities, with enhanced options for encryption, key management, and administration.

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