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Timothy J. Kohler

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

Timothy was formerly with KPMG, both in U.S. and International offices, where he worked in Assurance Services. His responsibilities included corporate audits, consulting services, and working as a national instructor for the firm.

Timothy graduated from Marquette University with a BS in Business Administration.

Jim Peterson

Chief Scientist

Jim has been developing commercial software products for over 20 years. Since joining PKWARE in 1994, he has held various leadership roles in product development. He continues to drive the evolution of .ZIP technology, focusing on ensuring the ZIP format remains a secure and interoperable standard.

Prior to joining PKWARE, Jim held engineering roles at several companies where he was responsible for designing and developing healthcare management, warehouse automation, and financial accounting applications.

Joe Sturonas

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Sturonas is a 25-year veteran of the commercial software industry. As Chief Technology Officer at PKWARE, he is responsible for product development, including software engineering, documentation, quality assurance and technical support. Joe has worked with companies and government entities on overcoming the biggest organizational challenge of our time: protecting sensitive information. At nine of the top 10 global banks and with 200 government agencies, he has helped find extensive solutions when it comes to encryption, compliance, data security and data center optimization.

Joe holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University and a Master’s of Science degree in computer science from DePaul University.

Rick Hofmann

Vice President of North America Channel Sales

Rick has over 20 years of channel and business development experience. Most recently Rick was a consultant at Gerson Lehrman Group. Prior to that Rick worked for Symantec as Senior Director of US Channels and ran its Enterprise OEM business. His responsibilities included creation and execution of the commercial channel business plan with national and regional partners who sell Symantec’s information protection solutions.

Rick also held various product management and business development positions with OnTechnology, Cyclone Commerce, Plasmon IDE and J.River, Inc. Early in his career he spent four years working in Japan.

Rick is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and lives in Jersey City, New Jersey with his wife and two children.

Matt Little

Vice President of Product Development

Matt Little has more than a decade of experience in IT and software technology. Prior to his current role, Matt worked in enterprise IT at organizations across the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

As Vice President of Product Development, Matt oversees the planning, growth and lifecycle management of PKWARE’s technology roadmap. He is responsible for setting and driving all product and go-to-market strategies for all PKWARE products.

Matt graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is an active board member for the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Tammy McCormack

Vice President of Human Resources

Tammy has 20 years of leadership experience with various companies in the human resources field including Target Stores, ProStaff, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, and Fidelity National Information Services.

Tammy has an MA from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.