Helping you solve the compliance puzzle

Data security compliance is a challenge that grows more complex each year. Evolving legislation, overlapping requirements, and conflicting priorities have become facts of life for organizations in every industry.

PKWARE provides a feature-rich framework for meeting requirements under GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act, PCI DSS, and other data protection laws and standards. Organizations can create tailored policies and workflows to meet their unique compliance goals, or use PKWARE’s preconfigured policies to streamline implementation.

The PKWARE approach

PKWARE knows that compliance is a multi-faceted effort, requiring involvement from multiple departments, vendors, and partners. Our solutions are designed to fit into—and enhance—your organization’s overall compliance strategy.

PKWARE's data-centric approach makes it possible to apply the right protection to each type of sensitive data. Whether you need to take action based on file format, file location, file contents, or user profiles, PKWARE gives you the tools to get it done.

PKWARE supports every enterprise operating system, facilitating company-wide policy enforcement. Sensitive data stays protected (and reportable) as it moves throughout your organization.

PKWARE solutions integrate with productivity software, reporting systems, and existing security technology within your IT ecosystem. PKWARE can take action based on input from other applications, and/or apply tags to trigger action by downstream technology.

PKWARE handles tasks automatically, simplifying user training and minimizing disruption. Once your PKWARE agents are deployed, they monitor file activity in real time, applying your policies every time files are created or modified.