Thieves, Snoops and Idiots: A New Series to Make Sense of Security Threats

The world of data protection is under attack from three main threats: thieves, snoops and idiots. Well, that's how we categorize internally the risks facing business information security. Starting this week, we've started to broadcast what we mean by thieves, snoops and idiots – and what both business leaders and security developers can do about them.

"Thieves, Snoops and Idiots" is our new online video conversation about today's most pressing and complex data protection challenges. While not trying to cover every aspect or technical nuance of information security, we're hopeful this new series adds a valuable voice to the fast changing data security and encryption landscape. Plus, occasionally there are jokes, which are sometimes even funny!

In our inaugural episode, we outline our definitions of thieves, snoops and idiots under the guise of suggestions by the enigmatic information security figure of our time, Edward Snowden. You can check out our first video here.

In a follow-up show, my co-host, Justin Kern, and I hash out some of the ways the federal government could – and shouldn't – lead on data protection, in light of President Obama's recent announcements on cybersecurity. (Spoiler: The federal focus is all about reaction, not protection.) Here's a direct link to that second episode.

We've got more topics and recording times slated for the coming weeks. In the spirit of true conversation, we'd love to hear what business security topics leave you perplexed or perturbed. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, email us your topics or hit us up on our social channels using the hashtag #ThievesSnoopsIdiots. You can also join the comments section to add your disputes on anything from Justin's choice in shirts to Matt's stance on open source.

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Matt Little

Matt Little

Matt is a technologist at heart and has more than a decade of experience in the IT industry. In his role as VP Product Development, Matt oversees planning, development and lifecycle management for next generation PKWARE offerings including Viivo and vZip. Matt also plays a critical role in setting and driving product strategy and go-to-market activities for these products.

Prior to his current role, Matt held jobs as MIS/IT Director and IT Manager for PKWARE. Prior to PKWARE, Matt worked for Compuware and Johnson Controls. Matt graduated from Marquette University with a BS in Computer Science.

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