The Quiet Millions Who Have Not Been Hacked

There are people, businesses and government agencies who have not been hacked.

It sounds crazy given the daily deluge of leaks, breaches and attacks. As a person who's been immersed in data protection my entire professional life, it feels crazy to be at a time and place where security snafus are not “if” but “when”. I can assure you, though, that even though the threats and risks to information have never been greater, there remains a major pool of workers, organizations and, well, your neighbors, who work securely data all the time. (You may even be one of them!)

One major way they're doing it is with encryption. Encryption is known to be tough – with the key management aspects only understood by us nerds. But I think a fresh look at crypto would leave many surprised. In a time when the major leaders in the U.K. and U.S. are mulling methods to “ban” encryption to some degree, I think a renewed take on encryption would actually reveal a easier, strong and vital tool.

Under this guise of breaches that spread myths and misnomers, I'm co-hosting a free webinar soon on ways to "bring your own encryption." The other host is Garrett Bekker, a bright security analyst with 451 Research with a refreshing take on data security, encryption and software-as-a-service. He may also be the only person in the greater Houston area to have not only seen ice, but dared to play hockey on it. Click here to register for the Feb. 23 webinar.

The security landscape needs options and intelligence, more than ever. We hope this exclusive webinar can help you find a bit of both.

Matt Little

Matt Little

Matt is a technologist at heart and has more than a decade of experience in the IT industry. In his role as VP Product Development, Matt oversees planning, development and lifecycle management for next generation PKWARE offerings including Viivo and vZip. Matt also plays a critical role in setting and driving product strategy and go-to-market activities for these products.

Prior to his current role, Matt held jobs as MIS/IT Director and IT Manager for PKWARE. Prior to PKWARE, Matt worked for Compuware and Johnson Controls. Matt graduated from Marquette University with a BS in Computer Science.

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