Takeaways from RSA Conference 2020

It was another exciting RSA Conference! We always look forward to attending RSA, and as in previous years, we gained valuable insights during our conversations with information security professionals from around the world.

Here’s a summary of the top trends and developments we heard from our customers, industry analysts, and other professionals in the security world.

A culture of security

It’s time for security to become a visible part of corporate culture. Human error is to blame for a large percentage of security breaches. Heavy workloads, new technology, and insufficient training can lead employees to violate data security policies unintentionally. And according to the 2018 Cybersecurity Culture Report from ISAC and CMMI Institute, only 34 percent of organizations surveyed said their employees understand their role in the company’s security.

To keep up with constantly-evolving cyber threats and technology, organizations need to build security awareness into everything they do. From senior executives to the newest intern, everyone has a role to play in protecting and managing the organization’s sensitive information. Ongoing communication, consistent policy enforcement, and automated security technology are the keys to making it work.

Securing the supply chain

No organization keeps its sensitive data to itself. Even the most security-conscious company needs to share intellectual property, customer data, or other sensitive information with suppliers, vendors, and partners. That data is only as secure as the weakest link in the information-sharing chain.

Many of the RSA attendees we met said that their organizations were taking a closer look at their suppliers' and vendors' security policies, and that security was becoming a bigger factor in how business relationships were formed and managed. We may see this interest reflected in new initiatives like the European automotive industry's TISAX program, which lets manufacturers request security assessments from the companies they do business with.

The PKWARE story

Naturally, we were especially interested to hear what RSA attendees thought of PKWARE's innovative solutions for finding and securing sensitive data. File classification seemed to be on a lot of people's minds this year, and we saw plenty of interest in PKWARE's ability to find and classify files based on their contents, without user intervention. Compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, and other mandates was also a top area of interest, and we did dozens of demos to show off PKWARE's automated redaction, encryption, and classification solutions.

If you'd like to see for yourself how PKWARE's data security technology can work for your organization, schedule a consultation with one of our data security experts today!