Smartcrypt in Action

If you want to see what data-centric protection really looks like, PKWARE's new demo videos are here to show you.

Since cybersecurity isn't always the easiest thing to visualize, we've created a series of short videos that demonstrate how Smartcrypt finds, classifies, and protects sensitive information. With real-world examples based on some of our customers' most common use cases, these videos can help you understand how your organization can use Smartcrypt to solve your unique data protection challenges.

Each video uses a different usage scenario to illustrate one or more of the steps in Smartcrypt's comprehensive data-centric security workflow:

  • Policy Management: Get a look at Smartcrypt's administration console, the Smartcrypt Enterprise Manager, and see how security administrators can use it to create policies that govern how Smartcrypt agents will identify and protect sensitive data on laptops, desktops, and servers. (You can also watch this video right here at the top of the page.)

  • Data Discovery: Watch Smartcrypt identify an Excel file that contains sensitive data (in this case, credit card numbers that require protection under PCI DSS) and initiate the next steps in the Smartcrypt workflow: classification and protection.

  • Classification: Follow along as Smartcrypt identifies a PDF containing patient information that requires encryption under HIPAA. The Smartcrypt agent initiates metatagging via Boldon James Classifier, and then not only encrypts the file, but removes it from an inappropriate location and saves it in a quarantine folder.

  • Data Protection: Using personally identifiable information (PII) as an example, this video demonstrates Smartcrypt's ability to detect sensitive information and protect it using persistent encryption. You'll also see that the end user experience is unchanged—as long as a user is authorized to access a protected file, Smartcrypt decrypts and opens the file automatically.

  • Reporting: A closer look at the tags that Boldon James Classifier can apply to files containing sensitive data, followed by a demonstration of Smartcrypt's ability to generate reports on the presence of sensitive information on user devices. This video also provides a look at another of Smartcrypt's remediation options—deleting unneeded files and creating audit trails to confirm deletion.

If you have some popcorn handy, there's also a longer demonstration that covers the same use cases and capabilities in a single video.

If you like what you see, be sure to check out our Smartcrypt platform page, or contact one of our data protection experts to learn more about how Smartcrypt can help you achieve your data protection goals.