Security Reading Room, Oct. 10, 2016

A look at some of the security thought leadership content we’ve been reading this past week:

To The Next President: Get A National Cybersecurity Strategy (Forbes)

With virtually 100% of the American GDP dependent on information technology, it is long past time for a coherent national cybersecurity strategy. Let’s hope the next Congress and the next president agree.

Trained Employees Are The Best Defense In The Cyber Security War (Information Security Buzz)

Without the right training, it can be difficult for employees to identify phishing emails from safe emails, particularly if they appear to come from a superior title.

Hack Warnings Prompt Cybersecurity Fatigue (BBC)

Relentless cybersecurity warnings have given people "security fatigue" that stops them keeping themselves safe, suggests a study. Many ignored warnings they received, found the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Inside A Bug-Hunter's Head: 6 Motivators (Dark Reading)

Who are bug bounty hunters, and why do they hack? We dig inside the motivators driving today's hackers to seek vulnerabilities.

Security Convergence In A Utility Environment (CSOonline)

It's important that your physical and information security methods, procedures, and safeguards are not designed in isolation.

Bill Brenner

Bill Brenner

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