Security News Summary For Oct. 7, 2016

A look at the security events that made headlines this week:

Verizon may seek a $1B discount on Yahoo acquisition (Computerworld)

Verizon may be getting cold feet with its acquisition of Yahoo. Reportedly, it's asking for a $1 billion discount on the original $4.8 billion deal for the Internet company. Recent news about Yahoo's massive data breach and its alleged secret email scanning program has diminished the company's value in the eyes of Verizon

Hacking the election (Network World)

What every citizen should know about the state of our voting systems and the security of our elections.

Two charged in Chicago with operating cyber-attack-for-hire websites (Chicago Tribune)

On Wednesday, federal authorities announced charges in Chicago against two 19-year-old men who allegedly orchestrated attacks with the online monikers of Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp. Authorities alleged they shut down the web networks of gaming companies and engaged in so-called phone bombing schemes like the one used in Illinois. The loosely based crew also sold stolen payment card account information on thousands of victims, prosecutors said.

Cyber attacks trickle down to smaller companies (Long Island Business News)

As high-profile cyber attacks make headlines and spur legislation considered by Congress, information technology professionals today noted the problem has spread far beyond huge companies as hack attacks proliferate. Although names like Target, Staples, The Home Depot and the Democratic National Committee may come to mind regarding data breaches, experts at a cyber security summit organized by Long Island Business News today described a kind of trickle down tech effect.

Energy sector sees increase in cyber-attacks (Agri-Pulse)

The energy sector has seen a major increase in the number of successful cyber-attacks over the past year, the World Energy Council says in a new report. With its increasing interconnection and digitization, such as the emergence of smart grids and smart devices, the sector makes a "highly attractive target for cyber-attacks aimed at disrupting operations," the Council says.

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