Security News Digest For Oct. 28, 2016

A look at the security events that made headlines this week:

Search Engine Shodan Knows Where Your Toaster Lives (Cnet News)

How did hackers find all the net-connected gadgets they used to attack Dyn and knock out your favorite sites? It's as easy as typing in some search terms.

How Clinton, Trump Could Champion Cybersecurity (Dark Reading)

The major party Presidential candidates, which both have experienced the aftermath of hacks and poor security practices of their own, could serve as 'poster children' and advocate for better cybersecurity, experts say.

Microsoft Adds Macro Blocker to Office 2013 to Stymie Old-School Attackers (Computerworld)

Microsoft has added a malware-in-macros blocker to Office 2013 after customers demanded that it expand the feature beyond the latest version, Office 2016.

Personal Data of 550,000 Red Cross Blood Donors Was Breached (Network World)

The leak in Australia happened because a file was left unsecured by a third-party provider.

How Stealthy Malware Avoids Detection in Corporate Networks (eWeek)

Despite best efforts, enterprises remain a prime target for hackers, thanks to these techniques hackers are using to hide malware.

Bill Brenner

Bill Brenner

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