PKWARE Listed Prominently in Latest Gartner Hype Cycle

Even when you know you’re doing things right, it’s nice to get external validation, especially when it comes from experts in the field. That’s why we’re thrilled to report that PKWARE is listed three separate times in the latest Gartner Hype Cycle Reports for Threat-Facing Technologies.

The Gartner report, which focuses on technologies that protect enterprise IT infrastructure against advanced cybersecurity threats, lists PKWARE by name in three categories: format-preserving encryption, enterprise key management, and database encryption.

Format-preserving encryption, as the Gartner report mentions, is rapidly gaining importance as a safeguard against internal and external threats as enterprise datasets grow larger and more complex. With Smartcrypt Application Encryption, organizations can add persistent strong encryption to their existing applications, while retaining the length and formatting of the encrypted data.

Enterprise key management is a critical consideration for any organization that needs to encrypt its data while ensuring that the data remains accessible to authorized users and internal processes like audit and DLP. Without a strong key management solution, businesses face a number of significant risks, including user disruption, broken workflows, and even the permanent loss of important data. To find out how Smartcrypt solves the key management challenge, read our whitepaper Smart Encryption Key Management

Gartner also listed PKWARE in the report’s section on database encryption, and highlighted the importance of both format-preserving encryption and key management in keeping an organization’s structured data safe. Database protection is an especially important consideration for companies that must bring their data protection practices into compliance with new regulations such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and New York’s new cybersecurity regulations for financial services.