Infographic: Fixing DLP Workflows

Data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption are two of the most important data security technologies in use today, but they don't always play well together. Encryption often prevents DLP from inspecting data as it leaves the organization, while DLP often lacks the ability to encrypt unprotected data according to organizational policy. That's why global banks, retailers, and other organizations rely on PKWARE DLP Enhancement.

PKWARE integrates policy-based encryption into the DLP workflow, eliminating the need for expensive manual intervention. Outgoing messages are encrypted with company-controlled keys that facilitate automated DLP inspection. If DLP detects a message that was not encrypted but requires protection, it can route the message for automated encryption.

Our DLP Enhancement infographic shows how PKWARE and DLP work together.

DLP-Encryption Workflow Infographic

If your organization is facing challenges with DLP functionality, contact us today to learn more about how PKWARE can help.