Cyber Wars: PKWARE Takes the Lead on Cybersecurity

It's easy to say that our society needs better cybersecurity. The daily barrage of cyber attacks against companies, government agencies, and individuals has made that that clear enough.

The hard part is finding a path forward— developing a strategy that involves the right stakeholders, addresses the right threats, and strikes the right balance between privacy and security. It seems that for every step we take toward better security, we take a step back as politicians, law enforcement officials, and corporate leaders continue to pursue conflicting agendas.

Someone needs to start a larger conversation about information security. We need to agree on who's responsible for protecting the data that forms the basis for our civilization, how that data should be protected, and the proper role for government in the process.

These are complex questions that may take years to answer, but the discussion needs to start today. That's what PKWARE has decided to do, with a series of cybersecurity roundtables we're calling "Cyber Wars."

The first Cyber Wars event took place in Washington, D.C., bringing together cybersecurity experts from government, the private sector, and the academic world. Among the key discussion topics were the need for greater awareness and education, the need for more consistent government regulation, and the need for more effective partnership between the public and private sector.

As PKWARE's president and CEO Miller Newton put it, "The conversation about cybersecurity is the defining issue of our time." PKWARE is taking a leading role in that conversation, and in building the solutions that will bring it to life.