Automating Your Data Defense

Faced with staffing shortages, skill gaps, and evolving cyber threats, security professionals around the world are beginning to recognize that automation is the future of information security. There’s simply no way that security managers—or end users—can be expected to evaluate every risk and apply appropriate protection to the constantly-multiplying volumes of data they handle.

Automation is a difficult idea to accept for some, especially those who have tried automated technology in the past, only to abandon it after watching it disrupt workflows, frustrate users, and overwhelm already-busy IT staff with a flood of false alarms. So how can an organization automate its data protection activities without throwing a wrench in its critical business processes?

As it happens, PKWARE Chief Innovation Officer Matt Little gave an insightful presentation on that very subject at the Evanta Global CISO Summit. His talk, titled "Automating Your Data Defense," described the business case for automated data protection, as well as the key considerations organizations should have in mind as they create their automation strategies.

In this ten-minute video—a condensed version of the Evanta presentation—Matt lays out the basic architecture of an automated data security solution, including data discovery, classification, and remediation technology. He also walks the audience through an example of how automated workflows can make data security more effective and less disruptive, even in a complex IT environment.

If your organization is ready to move forward with automation, get to know PKWARE’s Smartcrypt. It’s the only data security platform that works on every enterprise operating system, and integrates data discovery, classification, and protection into a single automated workflow.